Ukrainian aviation struck Russian strongholds and positions 15 times in the south

Operational Command “South” reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed three warehouses with ammunition of Russian troops in the south of Ukraine as of October 18, 2022.

Source: Operational Command “South”

Russian aircraft made 3 strikes against positions of the Ukrainian army in the area of Davydiv Brid. Russia is actively conducting aerial reconnaissance to clarify the positions of Ukrainian troops and adjust artillery fire.

Instead, Ukrainian aviation carried out 15 strikes in the areas of strongholds and places of concentration of Russia’s forces and means.

“Russia’s losses include 84 soldiers, 2 self-propelled large-calibre howitzers of the type “Akatsiya” and “Msta-S”, a tank, 3 units of armored vehicles, as well as 3 warehouses with ammunition in the Beryslav and Bashtan districts,” emphasized Operational Command “South”.

In addition, according to the Operational Command “South”, the ship grouping of Russian fleet includes 9 units, of which 2 air defense units and 2 missile carriers with 16 “Kalibr” missiles are ready for active action in the Black Sea.

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