Ukrainian artillery destroyed a gun and Russian multiple rocket launcher in the south

Operational Command Pivden (South) noted on March 5, 2023, that Ukrainian artillery destroyed an artillery gun and a multiple-launch rocket system of the Russian army in the Kinburn Spit, Mykolaiv region, south of Ukraine.

Source: Operational Command Pivden (South)

“Effective work of Ukrainian missile and artillery units by launching accurate targeted strikes on the Russian firing positions in the Kinburn Spit destroyed one artillery gun and a multiple rocket launcher,” reported the Operational Command Pivden (South).

In addition, Russian ammunition depot was also destroyed in the Kinburn Spit.

The total losses of Russian troops as of March 5, 2023, reach about 153,120 servicemen.

According to Operational Command Pivden, the Russian army does not stop shelling the peaceful right coast of the Kherson region and its population. In the Mykolaiv region, it continues to terrorize the sea transport routes from the Kinburn Spit.

“Over the past 24 hours, 85 Russian shellings were recorded mainly on residential areas, private yards, and port infrastructure. 1 person was killed, and 3 civilians were injured of varying degrees of severity,” added the Operational Command Pivden.

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