Ukraine’s victory depends on sanctions, weapons and prospects for EU membership, – Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

The issue of Ukraine’s membership in the EU is a matter of war and peace in Europe.

Source:  Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba

“There are three issues on which Ukraine’s victory in this war depends. These are sanctions, weapons, and the prospect of Ukraine’s membership in the EU.”

There should be no taboos when it comes to sanctions that should be applied against Russia.

“As for weapons, Denmark is doing everything in its power at the bilateral level, and supports all collective decisions on the provision of weapons to Ukraine, and for this, we are very grateful.”

Kuleba stressed that “this war against Ukraine and the whole of Europe will continue as long as Putin believes that Ukraine has been left at a crossroads.”

“And that is why the EU must continue the course it took after February 24 and contribute to Ukraine’s European integration as much as possible. The next decision we expect is to grant Ukraine the status of candidate for EU membership. The issue of Ukraine’s EU membership is literally a matter of war and peace in Europe, “said the Foreign Minister.

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