Ukraine`s underground gas stocks reach 8.5 bcm

Stocks of natural gas at Ukraine`s underground storage facilities grew by 2%, or 180 million cubic meters (mcm), from 8.298 billion cubic meters (bcm) of gas from April 26 till May 3, to 8.478 bcm of gas, according to Ukrtransgaz, operator of Ukraine`s gas transport system.

The amount of gas pumped daily into the USFs, as of May 3 was at 41.9 mcm.

Earlier, the Ukrainian government in September 2016 approved a schedule for preparations for the heating season. It also determined the volume of fuel reserves to provide heat and electricity to consumers. Ukraine began the 2016-2017 heating season with gas reserves at 14.7 bcm.

On March 13, Ukraine stopped pumping gas from storage facilities and began injecting it at a rate of 4.5 bcm per day.

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