Ukraine’s nuclear city is on the edge of humanitarian disaster due to Russian shelling

The mayor of Ukraine’s nuclear city of Enerhodar (it is located in the south of Ukraine) noted on October 23, 2022, that the city was on the edge of a humanitarian disaster. It is impossible to restore the work of critical infrastructure facilities in the city due to Russian constant shelling.

Source: The mayor of Enerhodar Dmytro Orlov

“Enerhodar is on the edge of a humanitarian disaster because constant Russian shelling destroys civilian infrastructure and power grids. The city is still without electricity and water supply. Gas  supply has been unavailable in many parts of the city for almost six months,” noted the mayor of Enerhodar.

The mayor also stated that the city’s central heating system has been inactive since spring. The heating system is dependent on Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant which is located in the city. But, several units are in the cold shut down mode and others are being repaired.

“There are currently no prospects for the start of the heating season, the city is in danger of not starting the heating season at all,” the mayor emphasized.

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