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Ukraine`s net international investment position improves in 2015

Ukraine`s net international investment position (NIIP), which is the nation`s stock of foreign assets minus its foreign liabilities, improved in 2015, according to the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU).
The negative NIIP value shrank by 17.5%, or $11.019 billion, to $52.104 billion, the NBU reported on its website.
In 2015, Ukraine`s assets expanded by 2.11%, or $2.5 billion, to $125.095 billion, while the liabilities fell by 4.5%, or $8.424 billion, to $177.199 billion.
As UaPosition reported earlier, the negative value of Ukraine`s NIIP in 2014 fell by 21.9%, or $16.832 billion, to $63.123 billion.
The NIIP can be regarded as a nation`s balance sheet with the rest of the world at a specific point in time.
A negative NIIP figure indicates that a nation`s foreign liabilities exceed its foreign assets, while a positive NIIP figure indicates that its foreign assets exceed its liabilities.
NIIP includes foreign assets and liabilities held by a nation`s government, the private sector and citizens. 


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