Ukraine`s envoy to CE responds to Putin`s statement: Crimea is Ukraine

Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the Council of Europe Dmytro Kuleba has commented on Russian President Vladimir Putin`s statement on Crimea, saying that the peninsula belongs to Ukraine and no more debates are appropriate.

”The issue of Crimea is closed indeed. Crimea is Ukraine. The issue of the form of the Russian leaders` responsibility for the annexation [of Crimea] is open,” he tweeted on Saturday.

Earlier, Putin announced on Saturday, September 3, that Russia is not going to return the annexed Crimea.

”The people of Crimea made up their mind and voted. The issue is historically closed. There is no return to the previous system,” Putin said.

In March 2014, Russia annexed the Ukrainian Crimea after it deployed its troops. An unlawful referendum was held on the future of the peninsula.

The self-proclaimed Crimean authorities alleged that 96.77% had supported the idea of Crimea becoming part of Russia.

A so-called agreement on the accession of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol to Russia was signed in the Kremlin on March 18, 2014.

Western countries do not recognize the annexation, having introduced sanctions against Russia.

Further, Ukraine`s parliament officially announced February 20, 2014, as the beginning of the temporary occupation of Crimea.

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