Ukraine`s corruption prevention agency verifying about 100 e-declarations of Ukrainian officials

Deputy Chairman of Ukraine`s National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NAPC) Ruslan Radetsky has announced his agency is conducting full verification of almost 100 electronic declarations of officials along with special checks on 3,000 statements, according to TV Channel 112 Ukraine.

”The full verification will continue to check information about all incomes, movable and immovable property … As for the checks that are taking place today: there are about 100 comprehensive audits and 3,000 special ones, the results will be announced when these checks are over,” he said, TV Channel 112 Ukraine reported.

Yet, Radetsky said that the automatic verification of electronic officials` declarations had failed because the software developer that built the e-declaration registry system had not developed the needed software blocks.

NAPC has already sent more than 10 cases to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, which will open criminal proceedings for the late submission of assets declarations, Radetsky said.

He said that the officials who had not submitted their declarations by April 1 due to failures of the system would not be fined.

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