Ukraine will be provided with more than 150 Leopard tanks

The Minister of Defense of the United States Lloyd Austin reported on March 15, 2023, during the Ramstein meeting (Ukraine Defense Contact Group) that already nine countries are ready to provide Ukraine with Leopard tanks. The total number of vehicles intended for Ukraine exceeds 150.

Source: The Minister of Defense of the United States Lloyd Austin

“In just the past three months, members of this Contact Group have shown great leadership in building up the capabilities that Ukraine needs to defend its sovereignty and create momentum on the battlefield, including more than nine brigades of tanks and other armored vehicles. The coalition of countries that are donating Leopard tanks to Ukraine continues to grow. And nine countries have now committed to providing more than 150 Leopard tanks,” said the Minister of Defense of the United States.

Earlier, it was reported that Germany would transfer 14 Leopard 2A6 tanks to Ukraine, but later their number increased to 18. Also, in addition to Portugal, combat vehicles of this model will arrive in Ukraine from Sweden. It became known about the arrival of the first Leopard 2 tank in Ukraine at the beginning of February.

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