Ukraine-Turkey Free Trade Agreement sees progress

Stepan Kubiv, the first vice prime minister and minister of economic development and trade of Ukraine, has said that Turkey and Ukraine are making progress in signing the Free Trade Agreement (FTA), according to Daily Sabah.

Kubiv said the trade volume between Ukraine and Turkey increased by 25 percent, adding that relations have developed not only economically, but also in terms of politics and businesspeople of two countries. Referring to the importance of technology, Kubiv highlighted that innovative and digital technology would be the main element of the economy in the future.

”We are now proceeding step by step towards signing the Free Trade Agreement(FTA) with Turkey,” he said, Daily Sabah reported.

Kubiv stated that they have started to work more efficiently with the sectoral groups for the past two months, saying: ”I invited the minister of economy to Ukraine during the summit, who himself accepted this request.”

Referring to the agreement on the avoidance of double taxation and agreement on reciprocal promotion and protection of investments signed with Turkey, Kubiv underlined that every big business is made up of small steps.

Kubiv said that Turkey and Ukraine have reached the last stage of the agreement on visa-free travel of citizens of the two countries with their identity cards.

”This step shows how clear and transparent we are, and shows that our relations in tourism regarding major economic projects will further develop in line with the interests of both sides.”

Kubiv pointed out that this will increase the trade volume and investments between the two countries, stressing the importance of collaborations in the fields of student exchange and education.

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