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Ukraine to benefit from ban on trade with Donbas and Crimea – Semenchenko

The ban for Ukrainian producers to trade with Donbas and Crimea will benefit Ukraine.
MP from Samopomich Semen Semenchenko said this, while answering a question about which party would lose from such a ban, in an interview with the Ukrainska Pravda online news website.
“I think who will benefit from this, and Ukraine, indeed, will benefit from this,” Semenchenko said.
He noted that in the current situation Ukraine should take all the measures that were taken by European countries during the war.
“There should be only humanitarian aid for our citizens in need. This is a war,” he said.
The MP advised to reorient production to those businessmen who are no longer able to work with the occupied Ukrainian territories.
Semenchenko also believes that due to the humanitarian situation in Donbas “the situation in Ukraine will be calm only for two months, and then it will be an invasion or counter-revolution.”
“We do not have enough time, we have no power in our hands. In simple terms, it would have been necessary to introduce martial law. But there are many disadvantages of this,” Semenchenko added.

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