Ukraine switches for 12-year school system

The Ukrainian government at its Wednesday meeting approved a political proposal (Concept) of the Ministry of Education and Science for the reform of secondary education titled ”The New Ukrainian School”, the ministry`s press service has told UNIAN.

Minister of Education and Science Lilia Hrynevych said in her speech that this political proposal is a strategic document, based on which further government action program for the reform of secondary education until 2029 will be developed.

”We must switch from to the school of knowledge to the school of competence. This means that we should determine the necessary core of knowledge and teach our children to actually work with this knowledge. This change is well illustrated by the metaphor: you can read fast, or can read to understand the content. School of competence is like this reading with understanding,” Hrynevych said.

”In order to provide for the outcome of the new system and help our children to successfully choose the profile of their further education and the direction of their life development, we need a three-year profile school — that is, the 12th year,” said Hrynevych.

The minister stressed high risks of non-implementation of the reform. In particular, it is a lower competitiveness of Ukraine`s secondary education, preservation of a trend toward deterioration of quality of all types of education; lower quality of human capital, and, as a consequence, the deterioration of the competitiveness of Ukraine`s economy and the drain of the country`s scientific and technological potential.

According to the press service, Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman noted that these trends are already observed in society, therefore there must be no delay in the introduction of the secondary education reform.

The Education Ministry also noted that the concept of ”New Ukrainian School” had passed a broad public discussion, joined by representatives of all interested parties – teachers, parents, experts, employers, professional associations, and civic activists. It was also adopted by a ministry panel.

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