Ukraine spends 130 billion hryvnias on the army every month, – Prime Minister of Ukraine

Ukraine spends about 130 billion hryvnias on the army every month. Before that, the annual budget of the Armed Forces amounted to 156 billion.

Source: Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal

“If we had about 156 billion hryvnias for the maintenance of the army, this was the budget of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Ukrainian army for a year, then today it is about 130 billion — this is a monthly amount. Of course, social benefits, demining costs, urgent recovery costs, and costs for internally displaced persons have greatly increased in our country,” Shmyhal noted.


“There is a difference of $4-5 billion — this is the monthly need. Today, there are agreements on such support — in the amount of almost $29 billion, of which we have already received quite a large amount. About $20 billion remains. This is help from the European Union, the United States of America, and Canada. Separately, there is also direct budget support from the member states of the European Union. There is grant and credit support from international financial institutions: IMF, World Bank, and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. That is, today all our partners have actively joined in and are helping us,” he said.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine also called on businesses to resume work and to be as responsible as possible when paying taxes.

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