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Ukraine should be given weapons to equalize chances with Russia – MEP

The West should provide Ukraine with weapons to increase its national defense capability in the event of Russia’s possible further aggression and strengthen economical sanctions against Russia.
Polish MEP Jacek Saryusz-Wolski said this in an interview with Polskie Radio.
“It is worth asking whether actions by the West are sufficient to help Ukraine. I think they are not, because, first of all, there should be significant weapon supplies to Ukraine to equalize its chances in the conflict with Russia. In the light of the escalation of the Ukrainian conflict by Russia, there is a need for the next level of sanctions against Russia,” Saryusz-Wolski said.
According to him, Ukraine now mostly needs precision weapons to defend itself against the aggressor’s armor shelling, airstrikes and against possible attacks from the sea.
The MEP did not exclude that the weapons were already being supplied, but this fact was not made public.
Saryusz-Wolski also said that there is solidarity in the EU to preserve the current sanctions against Russia, but there is no agreement among the EU countries to strengthen them. However, he thinks that countries will reach consensus on this issue if Moscow continues to escalate the conflict in southeastern Ukraine.

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