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Ukraine sees increase in prices of all types of fuel

Retail prices of all types of fuel increased in Ukraine on Thursday, May 19, OilNews reported referring to Consulting Group A-95.
”AMIC chain of fuel stations has been the leader in terms of price growth, having increased the price of fuel by UAH 0.72-0.94 per liter. This sharp increase is attributed to the fact that discount events are traditionally held on Wednesdays by the fuel retail chain,” according to a statement.
Prices of fuel at Shell fuel filling stations, as well as at Socar, OKKO, Tatneft and Azovnefteprodukt Plus increased by UAH 0.50 per liter. The lowest increase was recorded at the WOG chain of fuel stations, where prices of fuel and diesel rose by UAH 0.10 per liter.
”These changes have led to an increase in average retail prices in Ukraine. Thus, premium fuel prices grew by 20 kopecks per liter, prices of A 92 fuel increased by 15 kopecks per liter, diesel prices rose by 14 kopecks per liter, and regular fuel A 95 went up in price by 13 kopecks per liter,” the statement reads.
The lowest prices of diesel are offered by BRSM-Nafta (UAH 17.32 per liter) and Ukr-Petrol (UAH 17.45 per liter).
The cheapest A 95 fuel is available at BRSM-Nafta fuel filling stations (UAH 20.90 per liter) and Marshal filling stations (UAH 21.08 per liter).
The most reasonable prices of premium grades fuel are offered by Ukr-Petrol chain of filling stations (UAH 20.75 per liter) and BRSM-Nafta (UAH 21.99 per liter), according to the report.


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