Ukraine vs Russia case: UN International Court of Justice determines schedule of proceedings until 2019

Agents of Ukraine and Russia, as well as the chairman of the UN International Court of Justice Ronnie Abraham, agreed on a schedule for further consideration of Ukraine`s claims on Russia`s violations of two UN conventions, as reported by Deputy Foreign Minister Olena Zerkal, who represents the government of Ukraine at the hearings, European Pravda reports.

The official confirmed that the May 12 hearing in The Hague ”was procedural in its nature.”

Earlier, Ukraine`s foreign ministry had already informed that on this day, a calendar schedule for further judicial proceedings by the ICJ would be determined.

According to Zerkal, Ukraine now has thirteen months to submit evidence of Russia`s violations, with the term expiring June 12, 2018.

After that, the Russian side will then have exactly the same period of time to submit objections and counter arguments.

Thus, the complete position of both parties will appear before court by July 12, 2019.

Next, the court must determine a new timetable for the parties to provide comments on each other`s positions.

”The deadline for submission of our Memorandum, 13 months, corresponds to the general intention of the Ukrainian side,” Zerkal said.

In the near future, the UN Court will officially publish data on the agreed schedule.

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