Ukraine received the first 50 Turkish “Kirpi” armored vehicles

Ukrainian People’s Deputy Yuriy Misyagin said on August 9, 2022, that marines of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine received the first batch of 50 “Kirpi” armored vehicles manufactured by a Turkish company.

Source: Ukrainian People’s Deputy Yuriy Misyagin

“Two brigades of marines already use fifty vehicles. We are waiting for another one and a half hundred! A machine gun that can be controlled manually and rotated 360 degrees, a fire extinguishing system, good anti-mine protection of the car, B6 armor, 12 soldiers + crew.”

The “Kirpi” has a monocoque armored cab, four bulletproof windows and shock-absorbing seats.

The engine is located in the front part of the “Kirpi” armored car, and the crew is located in the middle part. The landing compartment extends from the center to the aft part of the hull.

The vehicles are equipped with anti-mine and explosion-proof seats, the “Kirpi” 4×4 can accommodate up to 13 personnel, including a driver, a machine gunner and a commander.

The car also has an emergency hatch to allow the personnel to leave the armored car after an accident.

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