Ukraine received 1,550 armored vehicles, 230 tanks and a large amount of ammunition, – NATO

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg noted on April 27, 2023, during the joint briefing with the Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel that as part of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, Ukraine was provided with 1,550 armored vehicles, 230 tanks and a lot of ammunition, 98% of combat vehicles have already been delivered.

Source: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

“Overall, through the Contact Group led by the United States, NATO Allies and partners have provided unprecedented support to Ukraine. More than 98 percent of the combat vehicles promised to Ukraine have already been delivered. That means over 1,550 armoured vehicles, 230 tanks and other equipment, including vast amounts of ammunition,” informed NATO Secretary General.

According to Jens Stoltenberg, more than 9 new Ukrainian armored brigades were trained and received equipment thanks to the support of partners.

 “This will put Ukraine in a strong position to continue to retake occupied territory,” added Jens Stoltenberg.

In addition, NATO plans to increase a multi-year programme of support for Ukraine at the Vilnius Summit.

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