Ukraine may impose sanctions on Russia next week

If the Verkhovna Rada on August 12 adopts a law to impose sanctions against Russian companies and individuals responsible for the occupation of Crimea and the war in Donbas, the National Security and Defence Council (NSDC) next day will introduce sanctions against Russian officials.
Ukrainian Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko said this on the Shuster live talk show on Friday.
“The Verkhovna Rada on Tuesday passes the law, on Wednesday the National Security Defence Council enforces those sanctions that are prepared by the government,” Petrenko said.
According to him, it is because prior to imposing sanctions it is necessary to make a series of legislative and other decisions, however, the list of persons and entities that fall under the sanctions is not yet disclosed.
As reported, the Cabinet of Ministers proposes the Verkhovna Rada to approve about 30 kinds of sanctions against foreign entities.
The Cabinet initiates the introduction of sanctions against 172 individuals and 65 entities of Russia for supporting and financing of terrorism, supporting the annexation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, and for violating the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

09.08.2014 13:27

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