Ukraine marks Aviation Day today

The Aviation Day is marked in Ukraine today.
A professional holiday of military and civilian pilots and aviation workers and the transport industry of Ukraine is celebrated annually on the last Saturday of August.
It is set “to support an initiative of the aviators of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Border Guard Troops of Ukraine, the National Guard of Ukraine and workers of the aviation industry and transport of Ukraine” by the Decree of the President of Ukraine “On the Day of Aviation” of August 16, 1993.
As Defense Minister Valeriy Heletey stressed in his congratulations, on this day, we honor the glorious tradition of aviation of Ukraine, Ukrainian brave pilots, designers, researchers and testers. We bow to the blessed memory of those, who gave their lives for the right of the Ukrainian people to live in a free country.
“Military aviation today is the pride and hope of our country. Every day you express heroism, courage and professionalism in the area of anti-terrorist operations. You fearlessly rise into the sky combat aircraft and helicopters, transport personnel and cargo, destroy armored vehicles and gun emplacements of terrorists, defending independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine,” the Defense Minister said.

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