Ukraine has only 15% of quotas for duty-free food exports to EU left to use

As of early June, Ukrainian exporters have already used 85% of all quotas for duty-free food supplies to the European Union, the press service of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) reported.

As of early June, Ukrainian exporters have used 85% of all quotas for the supply of agricultural products to Europe. If the quotas for corn and its products were completely used in January, in May 2016, Ukraine used 99.7% of all quotas for the supply of wheat and its products, according to the report.

Ukrainian exporters of pork were licensed only for the supply of 1,100 tonnes of meat out of the allowed 20,000 tonnes for duty-free import, i.e. they supplied only 5% of the quota. The same applies to barley – only slightly less than 6% of quotas was used.

Ukrainian producers can also deliver another 10,000 tonnes of chicken meat out of 18,000 tonnes, which can be supplied duty free.

In general, as of May 30, Ukraine has received a license for the supply of 1.36 million tonnes of agricultural products, which amounted to 85% of the allocated quotas.

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