Ukraine has not yet received list of humanitarian goods from Russia – Chaly

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry still expects a note from Russia with a list of humanitarian goods for residents of Luhansk.
Deputy Head of Ukraine’s Presidential Administration Valeriy Chaly said this at a briefing in Kyiv on Tuesday, Ukrinform reported.
“Unfortunately, as of 16.40, we still did not get the promised Russian note with the list or specification of goods. Therefore, we still do not know what exactly is there. This worries us, because we still would like to get an understanding of what will be cleared,” the official said.
Chaly said that goods would be delivered through the checkpoints controlled by Ukraine and then humanitarian aid would be received by the Red Cross.
He also noted that any assistance not agreed with Ukraine and not corresponding to international rules would be taken as an “illegal action.”

12.08.2014 17:28

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