Ukraine has lost more than $ 560 billion because of the Russian invasion

Ukraine’s total losses from Russia’s outbreak of war have reached $ 564.9 billion, including losses of civilians, GDP, and investment.

Source: First Deputy Prime Minister of Economy of Ukraine Yulia Svyrydenko

Now Ukraine has lost the most in the parts of infrastructure – $ 119 billion. Almost 8,000 km of roads, dozens of railway stations, and airports were destroyed and damaged. Ukraine lost $ 112 billion from potential GDP in 2022. Another $ 90.5 billion is estimated for civilian losses: 10 million square meters of housing, 200,000 cars, food supply for 5 million people.

Losses of enterprises and organizations are estimated at $ 80 billion, and losses of direct investment in the Ukrainian economy – at $ 54 billion. Another $ 48 billion in losses was inflicted on the state budget.

“It should be noted that the figures change every day and, unfortunately, they are growing. That is why Ukraine, despite all obstacles, will seek to recover compensation payments from the aggressor. Both by court decisions and by transferring frozen assets of Russians to our state .”

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