Ukraine economizes USD 500 million on gas reverse – Semerak

Reverse gas, purchased on the European market for Ukraine, costs approximately by USD 500 million less against gas that would have been purchased in Russia.
Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Ostap Semerak said on air of the TV Channel 24, the government portal informs.
According to the Minister, the government understood that Russia will cut gas for us, and consequently, there is no balance to provide the energy system of the country.
“Therefore, the government held the planned preparation for winter. Primarily, we signed contracts for reverse supplies of gas,” the official noted.
If compare a price for gas, which Ukraine according to reverse contracts pays on the EU market, against a price offered by the Russian Federation, we come to a conclusion that gas, purchased on the European market, for Ukraine costs approximately by USD 500 million less against gas that we would have purchased from Russia,” the official stressed.
At the same time, the Minister added, that reverse gas, which Ukraine purchased, came by transit from Ukraine to Europe and returned back.
“In other words, a price that was proposed by the Russian Federation to Ukraine is not absolutely the market price,” Ostap Semerak stressed.

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