Ukraine to appeal London Court ruling on ”Yanukovych debt” Jun 10 – Danyliuk

Ukraine`s Finance Ministry on June 10 will appeal the decision of the High Court of London on the Russian suit against Ukraine over the so-called $3 billion ”Yanukovych`s debt,” minister Oleksandr Danyliuk, told journalists.

”It`s going to be June 10… This is the day we will submit [an appeal],” he said, answering reporters` question.

Earlier, the High Court of London on March 29 approved an expedited consideration of Russia`s lawsuit against Ukraine on the $3 billion ”Yanukovych`s debt,” turning down Ukraine`s arguments in this matter.

The High Court of London on January 19 completed three-day hearings on Russia`s claim to Ukraine regarding the $3 billion loan the Ukrainian government received in December 2013 under the agreement between Russian President Vladimir Putin and then-Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

Ukraine regards this loan as the Kremlin`s ”bribe” to the former Ukrainian government for turning away from the country`s European integration path, while the Russian side insists on its full repayment.

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