Ukraine and Poland want to create a Drone Valley

Innovations in the field of production of unmanned aerial vehicles will be embodied in the Drone Valley on the territory of Poland.

Source: Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation

On July 26, representatives of Poland, Ukraine and the United States discussed the idea in Warsaw. The concept of Drone Valley was introduced by former CIA counterterrorism director Bernard Hudson.

It is planned that such a project will contribute to the implementation of innovations in the field of UAV production for the benefit of Poland and Ukraine. As UAVs play an important role in the armament of border guards and the army, as well as for reconnaissance and during hostilities.

According to Elizabeth Charnock, head of the American software company Chenope and co-organizer of the project presentation, technologies for UAVs, software, image recognition technologies, etc. will be developed in the Drone Valley.

“We plan to continue the experience of using drones in the future. Drone technologies in various spheres of life can be used in the health care sector for the transportation of medical goods, inspections of the construction sector, and in the work of the agricultural sector.”

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