U.S. Senate passes bill to support freedom in Ukraine

The United States Senate on Thursday passed bill S.2828 “Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014,” an Ukrinform correspondent has reported.
The bill was voted under the procedure when the text of the document is preliminarily approved by each senator, who introduces amendments if necessary, and then, during a technical vote in the upper house, all senators reiterate their support.
Because of this the bill, which was approved by the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on the day of the Ukrainian president’s visit to the United States in September, was agreed upon for over two-and-a-half months. However, the final text of the document, according to the current procedure, received unanimous support in the Senate.
As reported, bill S.2828 “Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014” envisages the need to provide Ukraine with lethal military assistance, grant it the Major Non-NATO Ally status, as well as to strengthen economic sanctions against Russia because of its aggression in Eastern Europe.
The document should also be approved by the House of Representatives in order to be finally adopted in a bicameral Congress and sent to the U.S. president for signature.

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