U.S. says Russian ‘humanitarian convoy’ to Donbass to be regarded as invasion

The United States will consider the bringing of Russian troops to deliver a “humanitarian aid” to the ATO area in Ukraine a direct invasion, U.S. Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power said at a meeting of the UN Security Council on Friday, according to LIGABusinessInform.
“Russia’s proposal for a “humanitarian corridor” imposed unilaterally by Russia would really be a pretext for Russian invasion of Ukraine,” Power said.
The U.S. Ambassador noted that there are international aid organizations already operating in Ukraine and they are perfectly capable of delivering any aid Russia provides without giving Russia a way to introduce more troops and arms into Ukraine. She believes that humanitarian assistance should be delivered by the international humanitarian organizations that have the expertise, experience, and independence to provide it.
“If Russia wishes to channel humanitarian aid to E Ukraine, international aid organizations like the ICRC can deliver aid on Russia’s behalf,” Power said.

09.08.2014 11:48

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