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Two Ukrainian soldiers, who earlier reported missing, captured by Russian militants, taken to occupied Luhansk

Two Ukrainian troops who earlier went missing in the zone of the Anti-Terrorist Operation are confirmed to have been captured by militants in Luhansk region, the ATO HQ has told TSN news service.

”At about 16:00 on December 26, 2016, two soldiers from a military unit deployed in Luhansk region took the wrong turn near the Zolote checkpoint while returning from hospital by car. They drove into a militant-controlled area,” the press center said.

It is now known that the hostages have been taken to Luhansk.

”Around 16:00 December 26, 2016, in the area of Zolote checkpoint, two soldiers of the military unit, which serving in Luhansk, were returning by car from the hospital, strayed from the route and got into the territory, controlled by the militants,” reads the statement by the ATO Staff.

Earlier, the SBU reported that 110 people remain hostage in the militant-occupied territory of Ukraine and another 10 people are being held hostage in Russia.


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