Turchynov urges world to stop Russian threat

Russian state terrorism endangers not only Ukraine or Ukrainian people, but poses a “threat to the entire world,” and people everywhere on the planet should realize that after the downing of the Malaysian Boeing passenger jet in eastern Ukraine.
Verkhovna Rada Chairman Oleksandr Turchynov said this during a conference of parliamentary speakers of the Nordic and Baltic countries in Palanga (Lithuania) on Monday, the press service of the Ukrainian parliament reported.
“A terrible tragedy took the life of innocent people, many children who dreamed of a relaxing holiday, but died in the Ukrainian sky because of the insidious blow of monster terrorists. So the sooner Ukraine manages to stop Russian aggression through joint efforts with the international community, the more lives we will save,” he said.
Turchynov noted that Ukraine was currently “opposing the aggression of the Russian Federation, which encroached on changing European borders, boldly annexing Crimea that was and remains the sovereign territory of Ukraine, Russia, which continues to support separatist and terrorist groups of the self-proclaimed ‘republics.'”
“We are grateful to our friends and partners for their support and economic sanctions against the Kremlin, because it’s time to put an end to aggression and bloodshed. Time demands that we unite and destroy terrorists wherever they may come,” Turchynov said.
“This is not a war between Ukrainians. Russia systematically shells Ukrainian settlements from its territory. However, seeking the destruction of Ukrainian statehood, Russia actually weakens itself. Today Russia is condemned by the whole civilized world,” he said.
Turchynov also called on the European and international community “to decisively demonstrate solidarity with the Ukrainian people and make joint efforts to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.”
“We have never had to overcome such challenges since our independence. The Ukrainian people are facing an incredibly difficult task: to restore peace and order in the country,” he said.

18.08.2014 17:46

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