Turchynov explains task of mobilization and reserve army

Secretary of National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov addressed Ukrainians with an appeal to be ready for mobilization and for fulfilling the duty of defending their Motherland, because there is possibility thatRussia unleashes the continental war.
He stated this on Friday in the program “Chas. Pidsumky Dnia” (Time. Summary of the day) on the Fifth Channel, Ukrinform reports.

“Friends, I appeal to you. We can win together, only together, by mobilizing all our efforts. And this is the challenge which we must realize not some day in the future, but now,” Turchynov said.

According to him, everyone in Ukraine should be ready to fulfil one’s civic duty to defend the Motherland

Explaining the need for the fourth wave of mobilization, the NSDC Secretary stressed that, first, the soldiers, mobilized during the first three waves, should be able to return to their families and the normal life, and second, the front should not be open, as well as “movement of Russian terrorist groups into the center of the country.”
He explained that today the country has the opportunity to have a more systematic approach to mobilization, because it already has relevant experience.

“And that’s why it should be a systemic, planned and organized work. All soldiers, who will defend the country, cannot be unprepared, unshod, undressed or, most importantly, untrained to go to the front,” he said.

Turchynov said: “By creating a very systematic renewal of our Armed Forces, the National Guard, those who have actually served a year, we have the basis for developing a strong reserve. In fact, it is a powerful 100,000th reserve army, which, if necessary, can be mobilized at short notice, in the event that Russia unleashes the continental war against us.”

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