Trilateral gas talks to take place in early September

The next trilateral meeting between Ukraine, the EU and Russia on gas prices and gas debt will be held not earlier than September 5, ITAR-TASS has reported, citing a source in the European Commission.
The meeting could take place only after the holiday season, probably not earlier than September 5, the source said.
He said that the European Commission would continue its work as a mediator.
The EC will continue its mediation efforts to find a mutually acceptable compromise between Russia and Ukraine on the issue of price, supply and gas debt, which will ensure uninterrupted supply of gas to European countries, he said.
Earlier reports said the European Commission hoped to hold the next round of EU-Russia-Ukraine gas talks before the summer holidays, which it considers the month of August.
Ukraine, the EU and Russia began talks on the terms of gas supplies in early May, but the sides failed to reach an agreement in June and negotiations ceased.

11.08.2014 16:32

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