Transportation by rail from Ukraine to EU soars by almost seven times

Transportation by rail from Ukraine to the European Union member states soared by almost seven times in January-March 2017 year-over-year, to 34,500 passengers, according to state-run joint-stock company Ukrzaliznytsia.

Trains and through-passenger cars run from Ukraine to Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Poland, Ukrzaliznytsia`s press service said.

Three pairs of trains run to Poland every day: Nos. 51/52 Warsaw, Wroclaw – Lviv, Nos. 67/68 Kyiv – Warsaw, and Nos. 705/706 Kyiv – Przemy?l.

Intermediate passenger cars depart from Ukraine, namely Kyiv and Lviv, for Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria. In particular, railway cars between Kyiv and Bratislava run on Monday-Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday except for August 13, September 13, and November 15. The routes from Kyiv to Prague, from Kyiv to Budapest and from Lviv to Budapest are in service daily. Railway cars from Kyiv for Bucharest depart on Friday and from Lviv for Varna on June 15 and June 25, on July 5, 7, 29, and on August 10 and 20.

What is more, Ukrzaliznytsia is now working to introduce a schedule for the route between Kovel to Poland`s Chelm. A preliminary traffic schedule has been agreed, and a test trip along this route has been made.

The Ukrainian railways jointly with Volyn regional administration on May 5 launched a rail bus between Kovel and Chelm in a trial mode. This route may be extended to Lublin in Poland.

In December 2016, Ukrzaliznytsia launched a high-speed Intercity+ train linking Kyiv, Lviv and Przemy?l (Poland).

What is more, Ukraine`s Infrastructure Ministry announced in January 2017 that it plans to introduce a number of new railway routes to Europe, namely to Hungary and Slovakia.

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