Time for tough talks with Russia – Trump aide

White House national security adviser H. R. McMaster says it is time for tough talks with Russia over its support for Assad`s regime and its ”subversive” actions in Europe, according to online newspaper Ukrainska Pravda referring to Reuters.

Russia`s backing of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad`s government has perpetuated a civil war and created a crisis that has bled over into Iraq, neighboring countries and Europe, McMaster said on the ABC News on April 16, Ukrainska Pravda reports.

”So Russia`s support for that kind of horrible regime [of Assad], that is a party to that kind of a conflict, is something that has to be drawn into question as well as Russia`s subversive actions in Europe. And so I think it`s time though, now, to have those tough discussions with Russia,” McMaster said.

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