Three systems of control over the provided weapons will be launched in Ukraine, – Minister of Defense of Ukraine

In Ukraine, three special systems will be used for monitoring, control and logistical support of military equipment and weapons provided by partner countries.

Source: Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov

“According to our plans, there will be 3 systems related to monitoring, control and logistical support of the supply of military equipment and weapons to Ukraine,” Reznikov said.

He noted that the Russians are now actively promoting the narrative about Ukraine’s alleged improper use of weapons provided by international partners, so the introduction of a powerful and high-quality information monitoring system will allow maximum control over the weapons supplied to Ukraine.

He recalled that in 2019 Ukraine was provided with a limited supply of the NATO LOGFAS system – the best logistics system in the world, and training courses for operators of this system have already been opened in Ukrainian military educational institutions.

In addition, the Ministry of Defense officially appealed to NATO through the headquarters in Brussels with a request to give Ukraine an expanded package of licenses, as well as technical personnel to help master this system.

“The main goal for the top military leadership is to introduce such a system in the army up to the brigade level.”

As the minister explained, the system allows controlling everything from customs operations at the border to delivery to the final consumer. In addition, the system reports on the need for ammunition, spare parts, etc.

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