Thousands of Ukrainians passed through Russian torture chambers in the Kherson region

The Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Dmytro Lubinets noted on November 21, 2022, that Russian troops during the occupation of the Kherson region (south of Ukraine) created a lot of torture chambers, they even equipped a special place where they tortured children of the Kherson region.

Source: The Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Dmytro Lubinets

“Regarding the number of people who have passed through them [torture chambers – ed.], it is thousands of people. You know, I visited all the liberated territories, but the scale of violations of international humanitarian law that I saw there [in the Kherson region – ed.] horrified even me. Here, the Russian Federation has already reached the point where it separately made a cell for children, where they were beaten in the same way,” emphasized the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights.

According to Dmytro Lubinets, Russian soldiers did not seek to get information from people – they just beat them. The witnesses say that they were taken from their homes or the street, had a bag on their heads and were taken somewhere, and beaten for several days, as well as were given electric shocks. They were not asked any questions.

According to the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, if a person started to say something, he was beaten again, and tortured with an electric current. People were brought to such a state that some of them even asked to be killed.

And in one of the torture chambers, people were not given food and water, they were forced to collect technical water from a pipe in the cell and pass it to each other.

Dmytro Lubinets believes that such brutal repression was applied to residents of Kherson and the region, including teenagers because this city became an outpost of the indomitable Ukrainian spirit.

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