There are much more UK citizens, who have offered housing than the Ukrainians seeking asylum, – British Ambassador to Ukraine

Melinda Simmons, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Ukraine, said that the number of UK citizens, who have offered housing exceeded the number of Ukrainians seeking shelter.

Source: British Ambassador to Ukraine Melinda Simmons

The United Kingdom had issued 130,000 visas for Ukrainians under two available programs.

“It’s an approximate number, I think it’s already over 130,000. However, it’s just the number of visas issued, which is not necessarily equal to the number of people who took the opportunity to come,” Simmons said.


“There are now 80,000 Ukrainians in Britain. There are two entry programs for refugees from Ukraine in the United Kingdom. Family, when housing is offered by relatives and the program “Home for Ukraine”, where housing is offered by the British. Now the number of registered British families significantly exceeds the number of Ukrainians seeking shelter. The challenge is to find the right people. Therefore, we should not focus on numbers, but pay attention to the efforts that the government and communities are making to ensure that a mother with three children, who has completely different needs than an unaccompanied teenager, gets into a family where these needs will be taken into account,” the Ambassador added.

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