The US Senate has approved a bill on Lend-Lease for arms supplies to Ukraine

The Senate on Wednesday unanimously passed an important bill that alleviates bureaucratic hurdles associated with loaning U.S. military equipment to Ukraine.

Source: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer

The senators quickly supported the proposal, known as a Land-Lease. The Ukrainian military proved it could fend off Russian troops who have been shelling Ukrainian cities since late February. The Lend-Lease program, created during World War II, was considered a turning point in the war because it allowed the United States to quickly replenish allies’ supplies without time-consuming procedural obstacles.

“If we believe America supports freedom and democracy, we must provide Ukraine with the weapons necessary to protect its citizens.”

Senate Majority Leader named the killings of civilians in Ukraine as “pure evil,” adding that Russian troops were carrying out a “genocide” in Ukraine.

“When we murder wantonly innocent civilians because of who they are, whether it be their religion, their race, or their nationality, that is genocide, and Russian President Vladimir Putin is guilty of it,” Schumer said.

The current law governing the lend-lease program also renders the recipient country financially liable for repaying the United States for costs incurred, such as if the items are damaged or destroyed.

President Joe Biden can already use lend-lease authorities under the Arms Export Control Act.

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