The US raised tariffs on certain Russian goods to 35 %

The United States has raised the rate of tariffs on a number of Russian goods, the import of which has not previously been banned by the sanctions, to 35%.

Source: US President Joe Biden

“Increasing the duty to 35 percent ad valorem on certain other products of the Russian Federation, the importation of which has not already been prohibited, is warranted and consistent with the foreign policy interests of the United States. The United States will monitor the implementation of the increased duties.”

In addition, the country reserves the right to change this decision in the future.

“The United States will monitor the implementation of the increased duties, and I [President Biden] may revisit this determination, as appropriate.”

On June 27, the administration of US President Joe Biden announced new sanctions against Russia, which will be imposed by the G7 countries. They will affect the defense industry, supply chains, services, and technology, as well as hundreds of individuals and companies.

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