The US has launched a new project to gather evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine

The US State Department announced the launch of a new program to collect and analyze evidence of war crimes and other atrocities committed by Russia in Ukraine.

Source: The press service of the US State Department

Conflict Observatory “will document, verify and disseminate evidence of Russian troops in Ukraine from open sources.”

“The Conflict Observatory will analyze and store publicly available and commercially available information, including satellite imagery and information disseminated through social networks, in accordance with international legal standards. Information may be required for future civil and criminal proceedings in the relevant jurisdictions.”

The online platform will publicly publish the Conflict Observatory’s documentation to help refute Russia’s disinformation efforts and shed light on the crimes.

Uaposition memo: The Conflict Observatory is a joint project of Esri, a leading geographic information systems company, Yale University’s Humanities Research Laboratory, the Smithsonian’s Cultural Rescue Initiative, and PlanetScape Ai.

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