The Russians filmed how they were torturing a Ukrainian prisoner of war

A video of abuse of a prisoner of war in Ukrainian camouflage uniform appeared in one of the Russian Telegram channels. Two other Russian-speaking soldiers castrated the prisoner with a clerical knife. This is proof of the Russia’s war crimes.

The Russians have several Telegram channels where they publish photos and videos of killed or captured Ukrainian soldiers. The specified video appeared on one of them on July 28.

The full version of the video is not published for ethical reasons. The executioners cut off the captive’s scrotum on this video.

It is difficult to identify the scene. It shows two soldiers, speaking to each other in unaccented Russian, abusing a prisoner of war in Ukrainian camouflage with yellow and blue patches and tied hands.

Also nearby is a car with a capital letter Z on the hood — a symbol of Russian equipment in the occupied territories.

One of those who tortured the captive wore what looked like a cowboy hat. Twitter users found a Russian soldier wearing the exact same hat. He was spotted on some videos of propagandists from occupied Siverskodonetsk. In addition, the Russian soldier from Siverskodonetsk has the same bracelet as the one who abused the Ukrainian prisoner.

These are the photos of the above-mentioned russian torturer. His identity has been established. His name is Vitaliy Valeriovych Aroshanov, date of birth – February 21, 1983. Address: Russia, Rep. Kalmykia, Elista.

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