The main goal of Ukraine in negotiations with Russia is deoccupation, – Head of the President’s Office

The Head of the President’s Office of Ukraine, said that Ukraine’s goal was the deoccupation in the talks with Russia.

Source: Head of the President’s Office of Ukraine Andriy Yermak

According to him, Ukraine’s initial position is simple and clear from the very beginning – Ukraine did not start this war and Ukraine did not occupy someone’s territory.

“This means that this is the most important thing for us. This is our independence, our sovereignty, and territorial integrity, and this is what we are fighting for. We are fighting for our land and freedom, and, of course, I think that will be real progress for us then. This is a decision. Then this war will be stopped, and then our territory will be unoccupied, and Russian troops will leave our territory. This is the main goal for Ukraine in these negotiations.”

Ukrainian people want to stop this war, but “it is important for us that Ukraine wins.” That is why Ukrainians will stand to the last.

Yermak also added that the President’s team remained in Kyiv and would be there until victory.

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