The European Union to finalize a $ 9.5 billion financial package for Ukraine this week

The European Union will complete the preparation of a financial package of assistance to Ukraine worth $ 9.5 billion this week.

Source: EU officials

The new macro-financial assistance program for Kyiv would consist of 25-year loans, with a 10-year grace period to reimburse the principal. Interest payments would be covered by the EU budget.

The latest details of financial assistance to Ukraine are planned to be discussed on June 23-24 at the EU summit in Brussels. The initiative to allocate funds should be supported by all 27 countries of the European Union and the European Parliament.

Various instruments of financial assistance to Ukraine are being discussed within the EU. The European Commission is proposing to provide money under the loan, while, for example, Germany and Slovakia are inclined to pay in the form of grants. Other member states, including Denmark, asked whether offering grants would undermine the credibility of Ukraine in the markets.

If the $ 9.5 billion financial package is approved, it will be sure to include mechanisms to prevent misuse of funds.

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