The European Commission urged telecommunications operators to maintain preferential roaming for Ukrainians

The European Commission called on telecommunications operators to provide Ukrainians who left for Europe because of the war with the opportunity to call home with free or discounted roaming.

Source: The European Commission

“It is very important that Ukrainians have an opportunity to keep in touch with family and friends. That is why the European Commission calls on European and Ukrainian operators to extend the agreement that allowed Ukrainian refugees to use roaming for free or at discounted rates for three months.”

The three-month agreement signed on April 8 will expire on Friday. It was joined by 38 operators – European and all Ukrainian.

“According to the assessment of the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC), the agreement between the operators turned out to be very successful. This gives reasons to continue it and the European Commission calls on the operators to keep their obligations.”

The EC notes that, in addition to preferential conditions for calls to Ukraine, European operators provided 2.5 million SIM cards for Ukrainians who left the country and installed many special WiFi points in residential centers and border crossing points.

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