The death rate in Russian-occupied Mariupol increased fivefold

The city council of Mariupol on August 5 stated that the death rate in Russian-occupied Mariupol increased fivefold. A sharp jump in infectious diseases has been recorded in the city, and the bodies of dead people are still found right in the middle of the streets.

Source: Advisor to the Mayor of Mariupol Petro Andryushchenko

In addition, every fourth patient dies in hospitals.

“This photo shows a dead body in a bag at the intersection of Lomizova and Azovstalska Streets. Such cases are not isolated. The city has complete unsanitary conditions and a lack of proper medical care,” the city council notes.

The Russians say that 17 cases of acute intestinal infection have been recorded. Half of the victims are children. But according to the city council, the real picture is much worse. According to the Ukrainian authorities, more than 30 people die a week in the occupied city due to the complete lack of medical care.

“This is more than in Mariupol with a population of half a million before the start of the war. Due to unsanitary conditions and contamination of groundwater and rivers, there is also a danger of cholera spreading in the city.”

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