The British teach the Ukrainian military to drive armored vehicles – UK Prime Minister

Dozens of Ukrainian soldiers in Britain are taught to drive 120 British armored vehicles before returning to take part in the war against Russia.

Source: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

The British military is also teaching Ukrainian counterparts in Poland how to use anti-aircraft missiles.

“I can say that today we teach Ukrainians in Poland to use air defense, and in the UK the use of armored vehicles,” said Johnson.

As the third month of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine approaches, Britain and other Western countries have begun supplying Kyiv with standard NATO weapons that require short training periods so that Ukrainian soldiers know how to use them.

Johnson’s spokesman insists that teaching Ukrainians is not an escalation in the UK.

“What is causing the escalation is the actions of Putin and his regime in Ukraine. We are simply working with our allies to give Ukraine the best tools for self-defense,” Johnson’s spokesman said.

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