Terrorists provided with convoys of ammunition through Donetsk

Russian-terrorist troops are reinforcing their positions between the settlements of Dokuchayevsk and Olenivka near Donetsk and stocking up with ammunition and fuel.
Information Resistance group leader Dmytro Tymchuk reported this on his Facebook page.
“Between the settlements of Dokuchayevsk and Olenivka Russian-terrorist troops are equipping a fortified locality. They are equipping hidden firing positions, shelters, minefields, etc. Supply convoys regularly arrive through Donetsk (mainly with ammunition and fuel),” he said.
Tymchuk added that a new enemy formation staffed by local militants had arrived in the area of the settlement of Komsomolske. Up to 12 armored vehicles are in the formation (including three tanks).
“This group interacts with the Russian company task force operating in the area of Telmanove (which, in turn, fired at the positions of Ukrainian troops in the area of the settlements of Hranitne two days ago),” he said.

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