Terrorists open fire at unarmed 72nd Brigade on its way back from Russia

Terrorists fired at the unarmed Ukrainian military convoy of the 72nd Brigade on its way back from Russia, the press center of the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) wrote on its Facebook page on Tuesday.
“The terrorists have resorted to a new meanness. They fired on the convoy of unarmed Ukrainian servicemen of the 72nd Brigade (195 people), who were returning from the territory of the Russian Federation,” the report reads.
As reported, on Monday part of the servicemen of the ATO forces after a long bombardment by tanks, heavy artillery and Grad rocket launchers, and because of the exhaustion of ammunition were forced to move into the territory of the Russian Federation. Before leaving, they blew up the remains of their military equipment and destroyed their weapons.
“The attackers probably knew about the route of the column. Their coward attack is aimed at discrediting the ATO Forces Command and leadership of the state,” the ATO press center said.

05.08.2014 09:27

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