Terrorists hold 150 orphaned children hostage

About 150 children from orphanages are still being held hostage by pro-Russian terrorists, because as of July 24 they have not been evacuated from the ATO area in Donetsk region, the OstroV online edition reported on Thursday.
“All children and childcare centers in Makiyivka and Donetsk and other cities remain in their places. Everything is in place,” the publication learned from a source with Donetsk Regional State Administration.
The source noted that because of the difficult situation, children should be removed from the region: “If possible, it is necessary to remove the children, because the fighting is underway there.”
Earlier it was reported that the militants of the terrorist Vostok battalion hinder evacuation of 135 children under the age of 4 years from Donetsk.
According to Interior Minister adviser Zorian Shkiriak, the terrorists strictly forbad the evacuation of the orphans from the ATO area.
He noted that a person close to ex-president Viktor Yanukovych is involved in keeping the children in the combat zone.

24.07.2014 17:42

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