Terrorists fire on paratroopers’ positions overnight

On August 3-4, band formations of separatists increased intensity of firing at the ATO forces’ positions.
The ATO press center informs on its Facebook page.
“Shelling of paratroopers’ positions near the settlement of Novoannivka was carried out six times with BM-21 Grad, tank weapons and mortars, with no casualties. The Luhansk airfield was shelled six times with mortar and BM 21 Grad. Lossless,” a message reads.
A roadblock near the settlement of Nyzhnia Talovka was shelled from Grad (lossless) and the infantry positions near the settlement of Volnukhino. Infantry positions near the locality of Nuzhniy Mynchenok were bombarded from mortars.
A roadblock near the crossroads in the vicinity of the settlement of Kamenka was also subject to shelling, a roadblock near the settlement of the Novy Svit – from mortars.
04.08.2014 10:21

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